Kentucky Alpha Phi

Meet the President

On behalf of our chapter, welcome to Alpha Phi at the University of Kentucky! I am so happy to be able to give you a glimpse into our sorority and introduce you to the 300 women that make it so special.

My name is Allie Deuel and I am currently serving as the Chapter President of Iota Nu. I am so honored to lead and serve this amazing group of women that all embody the very values I joined Alpha Phi for. We are accomplished leaders on our campus, high achieving students in our classrooms and dedicated servants to our community.

The sisterhood of Alpha Phi stretches from coast to coast through over 170 collegiate campuses with more than 200,000 members. Alpha Phi was founded in 1872, with the mission of forming a sisterhood of women supporting one another in lifelong achievement. Our innovative founders set the spirit for the modern day Alpha Phi… a sisterhood that values the past but looks forward to the progress offered by the future. The six values by which we live by are sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, loyalty and character development.

Three years ago, I moved to campus as a Freshman with no idea what the next four years would bring me. Going through recruitment I was naïve but extremely hopeful for the future; I wanted long-lasting friendships, a place to be myself and I wanted to be a part of something much bigger than world I knew. I found this when I received my bid in August 2015 and ran home to 417 Columbia Avenue. That day I knew I was in good hands for every triumph and every failure that would come my way in college and beyond.  The sisterhood I have found here is strong and pure and it is the very backbone of every experience I’ve had in college.

Alpha Phi will be the most meaningful experience that I will look back on in college. Nothing compares to the sisterhood I have been blessed with here. It is here that I have found motivation to succeed, best friends that I will cherish forever and the comfort of being myself in the presence of people who love me for who I am. It is here that I have grown as a student, a sister, and an empowered woman. We pride ourselves on our Fraternities objectives of character growth, unity of feeling, sisterly affection and social communion; Iota Nu strives for the highest standards and pushes you to be the very best you can be. This chapter has made me the woman I am today and for that, I am forever thankful.



Allie Deuel

Alpha Phi – Iota Nu Chapter President